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Island Lagoon of Venice (20 Km)

Murano, Burano and Torcello

The islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello are renowned for the handmade pieces of craftsmanship, the colours of the houses and the unusual buildings that have been built over the centuries.

The technique of working with blown glass is what distinguishes Murano from the other two islands, objects of all shapes and sizes are made with extreme care by the island's craftsmen who have dedicated themselves to this art for centuries. A souvenir or a piece of furniture, it is always nice to have in your hands unique and inimitable objects.

The detail that distinguishes the island of Burano is certainly the color of the houses of the inhabitants, each house has been painted with different and bright colors such as yellow, pink, blue or green. As far as handicrafts are concerned, lace and laces are the pride of the island of Burano which are strictly made by the local people.

The island of Torcello is almost completely uninhabited. Despite this depopulation, there are some points known for their particularity such as the Devil's Bridge, built without a parapet, and a throne that belonged to Attila when he invaded this island.