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Domino Suite Hotel

Via Gorizia 8 - 30016 Jesolo


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Vineyard "Paladin" (Annone Veneto - 40 km)

Paladin-Bosco del Merlo Wineries are located between Veneto and Friuli, where the two regional cultures have melted together.

For wine lovers, the Paladin Family's winery is a place where they can live a day completely into the scent of wine from their land, on which the vineyards of their grapes grow. Located on the border between the regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, this detail has allowed the two wine cultures to connect and join forces to give anyone who wants a unique and complete experience focussed to discovering the world of wine. After a short tour inside the winery, a sommelier will accompany you on a tasting tour that will allow you to taste the main protagonists of the entire tour: the wines of the Paladin - Bosco del Merlo winery.