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Domino Suite Hotel

Via Gorizia 8 - 30016 Jesolo


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Asolo (75 km)

Nestling in an enchanting hilly landscape, Asolo is one of the nest-known and loveliest villages in Italy.

Among the most beautiful town in Italy, the city of Asolo stands out for the particularity of its panorama from every corner where you can see it, exactly for this reason the town has been nicknamed "the city of a hundred horizons". What makes it even more particular and evocative are the monuments and buildings built on its soil, the most iconic is undoubtedly "La Rocca" an irregular polygonal structure that reigns over the small village. The characteristic places of the city can all be easily reached on foot, the Castle, converted into the "Eleonora Duse" theatre and the Cathedral are symbols of the city.